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Konstantinos Papakostas – Marinas. «The weddings of Napoleon». Mid 19th century. Mural at the Rados residence (presently in the ownership of the Centre) at Tsepelovo. Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris.
(Photo: Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris.)
Athan. Pagonis. « Landscape of the Thessalian valley». 1870Mural from the Sarabanis residence at Drakia. Volos, K. A. Makris collection. Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris.
(Photo: Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris.)
Pagonis. «Chalkida». 1832. Mural from the Triantaphyllou cottage at Drakia in Pelion. Volos, K. A. Makris collection. Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris
(Photo: Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris)
Anastasios Mich. Zographos. «The sacrifice of Abraham». 1902. Mural at the church for the Repose of the Virgin Mary at Pades in Epirus. Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris
(Photo: Source: «The Chionades artists», Kitsos A. Makris)

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Geographic map of Ioannina Prefecture with the works of Chionades hagiographers
Geographic map of Ioannina Prefecture with the works of Chionades hagiographers

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The names of the Chionades hagiographers

Triantaphyllos Sioulis

© Prefecture of Ioannina
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The names of the Chionades hagiographers are so many in the age old tradition of this region, which has resulted in the folktale expression: «Are you from Chionades? Then you’re a painter». However, this identification of artisans by their place of origin is a schematic representation, as for example, Gorgopotamos is the village with the carvers, Pyrsogianni, Vourbiani, Stratsiani are the villages with the stone masons etc. The investigation has indeed demonstrated that the artistic activity by the Chionades artists also extended to other crafts such as carpentry, wood sculpture, building, etc.
The names of the Chionades hagiographers have in the main been published by the reverend G. Paisios and Mr. Kitsos Makris, as well as by modern researchers. We have verified on the basis of their names, that they belonged up to the end of the 18th century, to two large clans, namely social teams that were based upon the community of origin on the paternal side, the Paschalades and the Marinades.
At the beginning of the 19th century a branch of the Paschalades was created, the Tsatsaioi or Tsatsaioi Paschalades. The founder of the Tsatsaioi is considered to be the «historiographer» Michael. The «Tsatsaioi» clan commenced from a mocking nickname and was reluctantly accepted by them.
The Marinades were named after Marine one of their great grand mothers, whilst their main surname was Papakosta, since we have verified from the inscriptions, that many in the Marinades clan signed with that surname.
Others employed the patronymic, as for example Konstas Theodosi, Zekos Georgiou, whilst others made literary «improvements» to the surname, as in the case of the Karagianni family from which the painter Michael Karagiannidis was descended, whilst his brother the teacher went even further, since he converted the surname to Melanides (karas, black, melas). The son of Pagonis for a time signed as Pagonides, and to simplify it even further later changed to Pagones. There are idiosyncratic conversions to the pet name forms of the baptismal names: Anastasios – Tatses, Georgios – Jojos, Konstantinos – Doulas.
In a list with the names of the Chionades hagiographers that has been published by Mr. Kitsos Makris, which is also based upon the revered G. Paisios, in an indicative chronology, from the inscriptions that are mentioned in their works, we encounter the following: Konstas Theodosi, 1747, - Konstantinos, 1760, - Konstantinos Michael, 1764, - Ioannis Athanasiou, 1793, - Anastasios Anagnoste, 1793, - Pagones Konstante, 1801, - Michael Konstantinou, 1802, - Michael Ioannou, 1805, - Georgios Michael, 1812, - Georgios, 1813, - Zekos, 1822, - Georgios Zekou, 1828, - Giorgis Daskalos Michael, 1824, - Zekos Zographos, - Zekos Georgiou 1828, - Ioannis Paschalis, - Nikolaos Paschalis, 1838, - Matthaios Georgiou, 1838, - Christodoulos G. D., 1846, - Konstantinos Georgiou, 1846, - Ioannis Zekou, 1857, - Nikolaos Georgiou, 1847, - Zekos Michael, 1852, - Georgios Κ., 1857, - Miltiades D.Ε., 1857, - Anastasios Κ. Papakostas, 1856, - Nikolaos G. Paschalis, 1861, - Liatses, 1863, - Michael Konst. Zographos, 1867, - Michael Karagiannidis, 1869, - Anastasios Mich. Zographos, 1863, - Apostolos Matth. Zographos, 1872, - Athanasios Konst. Zographos, 1870, - Konstantinos Konst. Zographos, - Demetrios Nik. Paschalis, 1877, - Matthaios Georgiou, 1878, - Anastasios Κ. Zographos, 1878, - Adam Boures, 1885, - Zeses Dem. Boures, 1885, - Anastasios Μ. Zographos, 1872, - Stephanos Μ. Zographos, 1871, - Anastasios Konstantinou, 1882, - Christodoulos Anast. Zographos, 1885, - Athanasios Pagones, 1885, - Pavlos Ι. Giodatopoulos, - Socrates M. Zographos, 1875, - Alexios Μ.Κ., 1878, - Konstantinos Apost. Zographos, 1892, - Nikolaos Ι. Papakostas, 1906, - Polykarpos An. Zographos, 1895, - Ang. Philes, 1910, - Anastasios Chr. Skourtes, 1910, - Thomas An. Zographos, 1923, - Ioannis, 1925, - Socrates Chionadites, 1926, - Georgios Ν. Exarchos, 1932, - Thomas Evang. Chrestou, 1966, - Athanasios Liatses, 1966.
As we have seen, many have changed their surname in accordance with their professional activity, namely Zographos = Painter.
The continuing research has also brought to the light of day new names for the Chionades hagiographers, such as Basileios Α. Philes (1890), Demetrios Nikolaou Zographos (1897), Ioannis Georgiou (1843), Konstantinos Zographos (1859 and 1869), Michael Georgiou (1812), Ioannis and Michael (1843 and 1844) Chionadites from Tournovos (present day Gorgopotamos, where they were related through marriage) and were active in Florina, as well as the name Miltiades Kon. Zographos Chionadites (1914). The extent of their activity frequently stretched beyond the regions of Albania that are known through Mr. Kitsos Makres (Eleousa, Premete, Sialise, Erseka, Ariza) to another 21 villages and towns as far as Cheimarra, Liousnia, and Berati.
Nowadays, this age old tradition is being continued by the painter Kostas Skourtes, who is also descended from Chionades and is employed in Athens.
In their works in addition to their names we also note their place of origin: «from the town of Chionades», «from Chionades», «from the village of Chionades», «from Chionades», «of Chionades», «by a Chionades resident», «Chionades», «from Chionades in the region of Aghios Bellas», as well as their clan, as signed by Pagones in 1802 at Aghia Marina of Kissos at Pelion: «By the hand of the donor Pagonis Konstanti Chionadites from the Paschalades clan» or as it also appears elsewhere, next to their given names and surnames, «from the Paschalades clan», «from the Tsatsaion Paschalades clan», «Marinas».