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Culture Traditional forms of Art - Professions made of stone Epirus Tsepelovo

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The design


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Even though it is not encountered with the Konitsiotes masons, it appears that also the case where the owner himself brought the design was a rare instance –in what manner though?- such as for example in Tselepovo, at the house of Christ. Zografou, who was doctor to the Sultan, and applied a “Turkish design”, as the villagers said. We believe this case is seen clearly in the “sarai” of the bey Voulgari in Hydra, where the design was almost typically “northern-Greek” at least on the exterior of the manor, but does not have any relation to the Hydrian architectural style.
N. Kosmas mentions that the design of the houses was given by the masons and it was like the design of their own homes.
Concluding with the masons we underline that the major portion of responsibility of the durability of the building was had by the masons, and they knew this, but a part was also had by the employers, if they insisted on the use of inappropriate materials and the absence of lime (for reasons of economy). There are many cases of poor workmanship on the buildings that were due to the lack of skill or the lack of scruples but also to their poor relationship with the owner.