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The craft of weaving in the past and the present


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The woven article is a link that connects tradition to the present. It is a carrier of ideas and techniques passed from one generation to the next and from one era to the next. At the same time though, as a folk art, it is an expression of the spirit of the simple people who were the creators. The craft of weaving is inter-woven with life itself. The Fates in Greek Mythology were weavers that defined the life and the fate of people, Klotho that spins the thread of life, Lachesis who distributed the cloth and Atropos who cut the thread of life of each person.
The prominent position obtained by the craft of weaving in the region of the Prefecture of Ioannina is reflected even today in modern schools of weaving that were founded in the Prefecture, primarily under the shield of E.O.M.M.E.X. but also through private initiative in areas such as Delvinaki, Metsovo, and Kato Pedina.
The schools operate, teach and produce systematically. Their products are a source of revenue for the area and those working there. At the same time they are also true witnesses of an artistic heritage and craftsmanship that is a point of attraction for visitors.
Unfortunately all traditional professions (shearer, blacksmith etc.) have come into decline, are rarely used as most tend to become extinct. This is also occurring with the craft of weaving.
Those who are interested may view woven articles and traditional attire at Museums of Folklore such as the Museum of Folklore of Ioannina, the Museum of Folklore in Metsovo, in Kato Meropi, in Stratinitsa, Zavroho, the Museum of Folklore of Pogoniani, and elsewhere. Many woven articles also exist in private homes which are not articles of exhibition but utilitarian articles.