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Culture Traditional forms of Art - Professions Silver work Epirus Ioannina

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However, despite the lack of written sources of information, the discovery of beautifully crafted objects that are attributed to Ipirus are a testament to the existence of workshops and technicians, whose works are classified as the most representative samples of ancient Greek art.
A characteristic example is the gold plated silver seal from the cemetery of Kerasonos, which illustrates the murder of Clytemnestra by Orestis. It is a work of the latter 5th century B.C. and attests to a high level of artistic creation. In addition, the discovery in excavations of a multitude of metal objects, such as for example, the gold pin with the end of the lion’s head in Dourouti (6th century B.C.), the treasure with the 45 copper vessels in Votonosi (5th – 4th c. B.C.) or the animal-shaped handles on swords, that belonged to statues of generals of the Commons of Ipirites, define the large range and variety of metallurgy of the period.