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- Aghios Christophoros (Gourganista):
The foundations of the temple of Apollo witness the presence here of an important centre in the Hellenistic period.
* community, ancient temple

- Vereniki (Verniko) :
Vereniki, Polydoro, Radovizi, Granitsa, Zalogo and Dovla belong to the region formerly known as Parasouli, which was a part of the famous confederation of Souli. With its ruined hellenistic castle, located on the mountains of Paramythia, the humble area of the congregation of the St. Paraskevi monastery (18th century), the old Elementary School with two wells, which has been declared a listed monument, Vereniki is also known for its two fetes: 15 August and 29 June, as well as its carnival events.
* community, ancient acropolis, monastery, listed school building with wells, fetes

- Voutsaras:
On the national road Ioannina – Igoumenitsa, Voutsaras is the capital of the Molossos Municipality, which comprises of 14 of the villages of the area (Aghios Christophoros, Vereniki, Voutsara, Vrosyna, Gribovo, Granitsa, Dovla, Zalogo, Kerasea, Kourenta, Polydoro, Radovizi, Hinka). The villages Dragopsa, Polygyros, Psina belong to the Dodonis municipality and Seniko to the Sellon Municipality. The old settlement of the community of Kourenta, just 4 kilometres away, was a station for travellers as is witnessed by Tsikas inn north of the village.
* community, history, government, inn

- Vrosyna:
On the Ioannina – Igoumenitsa road, Vrosyna with its natural beauty (the Kalamas pass, wooded slopes, idyllic country), is marked by its listed religious and secular buildings: the famous Raidiotissa monastery of the 17th century (15’ from the community), the Trazanitissa monastery of the 17th century (30’ from the village) and the two bridges on Kalamas and Zalogitiko. The St. George church (in the community) was built in the 17th century.
* community, listed monasteries, listed bridges, church built in the 17th century

- Vrysoula :
Located on the slope of Kasidiaris, Vrysoula, which faces the Kalamas valley, is trying to preserve its traditional buildings: the school and its mill as well as its customs, such as the famous Zoodohos Pigi fate and the church of the same name.
* community, school, mill, fete

- Gribovo :
Named after the historical monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin of the 18th century, a listed building, and the gathering and feasting at its enchanting grounds on the third day of Easter.
*community, church, listed, gathering-party

- Granitsa:
Some well preserved traditional homes and a listed church, the area of the congregation of an old monastery, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin (17th century) speak for this old village of Souli.
*community, houses, listed monastery

- Dovla:
The area of the congregation of an old monastery of the 18th century, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, in a beautiful location near the community, is one of the treasures of the village with 30 stock-farmers.
*community, church

- Dragopsa :
The waters of the river Smolitsas, some oil deposits and St. Nicholaos church with hagiographies of 1820 make Dragopsa, which administratively belongs to the Dodoni municipality, stand out.
*community, oil, church 19th century

- Zalogo :
The hellenistic acropolis, the listed Zalogo bridge, at a charming location near the village, the old elementary school and the Assumption of the Virgin church with a rare hagiography of St. Donatos in wood, the inestimable possession of a community whose geographic location is mentioned in a series of pacts. Zalogo written in Greek with the letters γκ (Ζάλογκο) is distinct from the other Zalogo (Ζάλογγο) of the Preveza municipality.
*community, school, listed bridge, church

- Kerasea (Kerasovo) :
At an altitude of 640 m, in the midst of varied vegetation, Kerasea has a listed single arch bridge and the monastery of Zoodohos Pigi of the 18th century. It belongs to the Selles municipality.
*community, listed bridge, monastery

- Kourenta:
Some 4 kilometres from the Ioannina – Igoumenista national road, spread on the slopes of the mountain of the same name, Kourenta offers a panoramic view of the surrounding villages. It seems that full moon nights here have a special charm. A shady ravine, near the community, in the direction of Giourganista, leads to the old Agelomahos monastery of the 19th century. In the community is the St. George church, built in 1774, with a narthex of 1861. It is a three isle basilica with a dome and a well built sheltered verandah. The icons of the gilded woodcut iconostasis are the works of Ioannis Athanasios of Kapesovo.
*community, monastery, church, view

- Polygyros (Zagortsa):
A large community with an Ethnographic Museum, housed in the former elementary school, and a church of 1812, named St. Kyriaki, with noteworthy hagiographies.
*community, folk art museum, church

- Polydoro (Mazi):
With two stone bridges on the Tyrias river, both protected monuments, and the old St. Kyriaki monastery, near the community, Polydoro is known for the fetes of 7th and 20th July.
*community, monastery, bridges

- Radovizi:
Closely linked to the history of the Dihouniou monastery and the tragic events of the 1611 uprising, it honours 26 October every year in the memory of Dionysios the Philosopher with a religious event and has a fete on the 20 July, 6 August and on Holy Spirit. All Douskara enjoys itself here on Shrove Monday while on the first Saturday of November the “tsipouro” (a distilled spirit) fete is held.
*community, monastery, tsipouro fete, commemoration of Dionysios Philosophos

- Seniko:
A semi-mountain community (480 metres altitude), Seniko belongs to the Selles municipality. Thanks to the orgiastic vegetation of leaf shedding trees, the view of the scenery changes according to the season: the blossoming spring is followed by the bright green of summer culminating in the feast of colours of autumn. Nearby are the oak forest of Aghia Marina, the two listed bridges of the Tyrias river, an inn and the Dihounio monastery. The old school and the St. Nicholaos Domolessas church, built in the 19th century and hagiographies of the second half of the 19th century and a woodcut iconostasis, in the community are examples of local architecture. The St. Paraskevi church is built in the place of a domed basilica church of 1850 and there are portable icons of the old church in its interior. Sections of the epistyle of the iconostasis of the basilica church of 1850 have been incorporated in the iconostasis of St. Nicholaos.
*community, bridge, monastery, inn, events, churches, oak forest

- Hinka:
With a hall for events in the municipal school and a dance floor on its square, Hinka has a fete on 6 August.
*community, fete

- Psina:
The hellenistic acropolis at the Kastri location, the church of the Virgin (1882) and the School, mark the historical milestones of this small village that is known for the “Mantili” races at the fete on 15 August.
*community, church, customs