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Culture Architecture Epirus Kourenta Ntouskara

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- Zalogo bridge:
After the uphill part of Vrosyna, on the Ioannina - Igoumenitsa National Road you take a left turn for Zalogo. When you reach the village (you will need to ask a local for directions), you descend to the river, cross it and 4 km down the dirt track you reach the famous Zalogo bridge. (access with a 4 wheel drive or on foot) over Zalogitiko river, a branch of the Kalamas river. The high single arch bridge, just 2 m wide, and dangerous because of its incline and the lack of a parapet. It was built in 1605 at the expense of the Makryalexis monastery, and was situated on the road linking Ioannina with Paramythia and Igoumenitsa before the building of the Vrosyna bridge. The olive oil road also passed this location. It is a listed monument.
*architecture, bridge, economy, listed building

- Vrosyna bridge:
A well built singe arch bridge secures passage above Zalogitikis river, just before its meeting with Kalamas, in the Vrosyna village. A few metres from the Ioannina – Igoumenitsa National Road below the plane tree wood - an idyllic landscape - this beautiful monument of local architecture with harmonic proportions (10.30 m height, and 5.30 m width) for centuries served merchants and travellers, linking the mainland interior with the coast and the West. It seems that it was also built at the expense of the Makryalexi monastery, when Zalogo bridge was no longer safe. It has been declared a listed building.
*architecture, bridge, listed building

- Bridge on the Tyria river:
Near the turning of the village Koumaria, in the Senikos region, a half destroyed butress supports a large two arch bridge over the river Tyrias, whose source is Tomaros river and which flows into Kalamas river, near Vrosyna. It has been designated a listed monument.
*architecture, bridge, listed building

- Xiropotamos bridge:
On the road to Seniki, just before the new bridge, hidden from view by orgiastic vegetation, an old bridge links the two shores of the Xiropotamos river, a branch of Tyrias river. The master built an arch 10 m high with an opening of 15 m because the river has a lot of water. In order to secure access he built a low and wide arch, with dimensions 3.20m X 1.30 m and a zenith of dimensions 1.80m X 2.15m. The surface is a cobbled road and has a width of 3.20 m. Its arches are half destroyed.
It is a listed monument.
*architecture, bridge, listed