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Economy Agriculture / Animal husbandry / Fishery Epirus Metsovo

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- Giniets and St. Nikolaos Vineyards:
West of Metsovo, over the hills, is Giniets, a historic vineyard which, according to documented calculations, produced approximately 500,000 bottles of wine during the 18th century. Evangelos Averoff, a connoisseur politician who served as minister of foreign affairs several times, was from Metsovo. He brought the abandoned vineyard back to life again at the end of the 1950s by developing a wine production facility which continues to flourish today under the name: Katogi-Strofylia. The Cabernet Sauvignon, Traminer and Pinot noir varieties are cultivated here.
To the left of the road leading from Metsovo to Anilio, a beautiful vineyard combines sainthood with economic history. It belonged to a poor native of Agogi who cultivated it with love and dexterity and who was destined for Sainthood. He was St. Nicholas of Metsovo, the neomartyr (his martyrdom took place in 1671). This vineyard currently belongs to the Katogi-Strofylia vineyards. The Merlot variety cultivated here results in the renowned “Flogero.”
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- The Tositsa Foundation Cheesery:
The Tositsa Foundation was established at the end of the 1940s by Michael Tositsa and Evangelos Averoff. Thanks to its continual investments in Swiss real estate, the foundation always enjoyed financial health. In 1958, its chairman at the time, Evangelos Averoff, established a cheesery which now produces 170 tons of cheese each year using 1600 tons of milk which is supplied from the region's stock breeders. The foundation’s five cheese, the Metsovone, Metsovella, Graviera, Chevre and Parmesan, which are delicacies that are hard to find in other parts of Greece, are products that require complex, quality processing.
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