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Environment Natural Beauties Epirus Tzoumerka

(Photo: Nikos Desillas, Epirus an Aesthetic Wander Through a Greek Region, Synolo Publications, 1998, Athens)
Waterfalls in the homonymous village of Tzoumerka
(Photo: Nikos Desillas, Epirus an Aesthetic Wander Through a Greek Region, Synolo Publications, 1998, Athens)
Waterfalls in the homonymous village of Tzoumerka
(Photo: Nikos Desillas, Epirus an Aesthetic Wander Through a Greek Region, Synolo Publications, 1998, Athens)
A map of river Arachthos
(Photo: Nitsa Siniki- Papakosta, “Stone Bridges,” Prefectural Administration of Ioannina, Ioannina 2002)

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- Arachthos Gorge:
Vertical rocks (height of 700-800 meters) which are sometimes bare and sometimes tree lined, narrow passes (6 meters wide) and the Arachthos with its crystal clear waters hurriedly rolling under the watchful eyes of imposing birds, cute, lazy otters and sassy trout, waterfalls and small beaches make up the 20 kilometer hike. A miracle of nature amidst two human ones: the bridge of Politsa and the bridge of Plaka. Night lovers cross in a boat under the full moon.
* particularly beautiful natural landscape


- Athamanon Mountains (Tzoumerka):
On the border of the Ioannina, Trikala and Arta prefectures, with the largest part belonging to the latter. In addition to Tzoumerka, the main peaks are: Katafidi (2,393 m), Stroggoula (2,185 m), Gerakvouni (2,211 m) and Kakardita (2,429 m) to the NE and Pachtouri (2,092 m) to the E. The distinguishing feature consists of the precipitous rocks and extensive subalpine ranges. Area: 21,954 hectares 11% belongs to the Prefecture of Ioannina.

- Mount Lakmos (Peristeri) (GR2130007):
Includes the entire mountain from approximately the altitude of its communities and above, which are strewn around the foot of the mountain. Area: 20,122 hectares. 74% belongs to the prefecture of Ioannina while 26% belongs to the Prefecture of Trikala. This is one of the mainly bare limestone mountains which is characterized by subalpine planes and the rocky, often precipitous slopes. The sources and fluves feed into Aspropotamos to the (E) and the Metsovite Arachthos to the (N) and (W) respectively. The highest peak is at an altitude of 2.295 meters.

- The Anemotripa Cave:
One of the most beautiful caves of Greece is located 5 kilometers southwest of Pramanta. A whimsical underground river the levels of which have changed three times forms ten chambers here and colorful lakes that are full of mystery and surprises. The “Megali Sala” [Large Living Room], “Kataraktis” [Waterfall],
Griza Limnoula” [Grey Lake], the “Diadromos tou Ploutou” [Road to Riches] and the “Thalamos tis Kokkinis Limnis” [Chamber of the Red Lake]are the must see areas of this cave which was discovered in 1960.
Hours of operation: weekdays: 10.00- 17.00, holidays:10.00-15.00. Tel. 26590 62300 & 26590 62313. e-mail address:
*natural landscape, cave

- Kipina Cave:
The northern entrance to the monastery’s narthex lead to a 240 meter long , 9 meter high cave which was explored in 1956 and 1993 by Anna Petropoulou and Stefanos Nicolaides. It is not open to visitors.
*natural landscape, cave

Locations with views:
- Baros at an altitude of 1,850 meters, after a 3 hour, 30 minute hike from Kalarites, via Profitis Ilias and Aghia Paraskevi.

- Aghioi Theodoroi (Matsouki) at an altitude of 1,380 meters with a view of the Arachthos Gorge, Sirrako, Pramanta and Ambelochori.

- Paleochori Sirrakou: Kirkos at an altitude of 1,100 meters with a view to Zagori in good weather conditions. Tsouma at an altitude of 1,200 meters with a view to Arta in good weather conditions.

- Raftanaioi: Profitis Ilias at an altitude of 1,208 meters and a view of the mountains of Souli, Nemertsika, the Chouliarda peaks and the Ambracic Gulf. Vounoria at 900 meters, with a view over the Arachthos gorge and the Plakas bridge.

- Sirrako: Aghios Georgios at 1,200 meters with a view towards Arachthos and the greater Tzoumerka area.

- Chouliarades: Tsiri at 1050 meters, with a view over Arachthos and the Tsoukas Monastery.