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Entrance of the church of St. Nicholas, Dolo of Pogoni
The church of St. Nicholas in Dolo of Pogoni
The central church in Doliana
The church of St. Athanassios in Chrissorachi
The monastery of St. Jacob in Doliana
The Avel Monastery in Vissani
The Avel Monastery in Vissani
The Church of the Virgin Mary in Rupsia
The Monastery of Makrialexi in Lavdani
A church in Dolo
The interior of the Monastery of Makrialexi
The exterior of the Church
A detail from the Christening of Jesus

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Monastery of St. Athanasius of Delvinaki

The church of the old monastery of St. Athanasius is located 200 m. from the central square of Delvinaki. According to an inscription, the east side was built in 1790 and decorated in 1912 by the painter Miltiades, who was born in the village Hionadites in Epirus. The bell tower was constructed in 1878.

* architecture, monastery, painting, painters from the village Hionadites.

Monastery of Profitis Ilias in Delvinaki

At a distance of 2.5 km from the central square of the village, a steep earth road of relatively good quality leads to the monastery of the Prophet Elijah, through a dense oak forest. The church and a ruined rainwater basin have been saved. A magnifient route.

* architecture, monastery, landscape
Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin (Kimisis Theotokou) or Avel

Between the villages of Aghios Kosmas and Vissani, right before Vissani, on a hill which is half an hour by foot from the road (1300 m.), the monastery of Avel which was built in 1760 and decorated in 1770 by the painters Konstantinos and Michael of Michael who were born in the village Hionadites, springs up with its grey thick-carved stones and elegant dome. The wooden bar – a symbol of the Byzantine era – the wooden bolt and the battlements stimulate the imaginations of modern day visitors. The icon screen of the church, made from gilded walnut using the “embroidery” method, closely resembles the icon screen of the monastery of St. Nicholas of Vissani. The revenues of the monastery from wheat harvesting and vineyards, as well as from remittances coming from abroad until 1913, when the community of Vissani undertook the administration in order to fund its schools, were of great significance. The monastery celebrates on 15 August. In the past, the festival took place in the area around the monastery; today, it takes place in Vissani.

· architecture, monastery, painters from the village Hionadites, icon screen, festival

The Church of the Annunciation in the Village Kato Meropi

A single-spaced church with a narthex and a three-sided apse on the eastern part, famous for its hagiographies which were carried out at the end of the 15th century by Xenos Digenis, an eminent wandering painter from Muhli in Lakonia, a forerunner of the Epirus school of hagiography.