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Women dressed in the traditional costumes of Pogoni
Traditional dances in Pogoni
The traditional costume of Pogoni
A traditional festival in Pogoni
The grape-harvest time
A traditional festival in Pogoni

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Argirohori: Zoodoxou Pigis [Life-giving source] ( the Friday after Easter Sunday)

Vassiliko: -Theofania (Epiphany), 6 January. In the morning, at the central church (Hypapante tou Sotiros [Hypapante or Visitation of the Savior] icons are auctioned to raise money for public benefit works. In the evening, dinner is offered at the village’s school accompanied by a traditional feast. This custom dates back to the period of the Turkish occupation when it was held to cover the operational expenses of the schools and the church.
- Celebration of St. Kosma of Aitolia, 24 August. Three-day festival on 23, 24, 25 August.
Vissani: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August. Three-day festival.

Delvinaki: 2 May
Celebration of St. Paraskevi, 26 July. The service takes place in the church of St. Paraskevi and then a local feast follows, where a traditional meal is offered. In the evening, a festival takes place at the central square of Delvinaki.

Dolo: 9 May, celebration of St. Christopher. After the service is carried out in the homonymous church, worshippers, accompanied by musical instruments, go to the central square of the village where a two-day feast takes place.

Drimades: Celebration of the Prophet Elijah, 20 July

Kakolakos: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15, 16 August

Kastani: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15, 16 August

Kato Lavdani: One Sunday before the 15th of August, a service is carried out in the monastery of Makrialexi and a meal follows with food offered by worshippers, along with a feast featuring traditional music.
8 September: a service is carried out in Panaghia [Virgin] of Lambodistra and a feast takes place at the village’s square.

Kato Meropi: 29 August

Kefalovrisso: 21 May, Celebration of St.Constantine and St. Helen
20 July, Celebration of the Prophet Elijah

Ktismata: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August. Three-day festival.

Meropi: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August.

Paleopirgos: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August. During the festival, messages are exchanged with the emigrants, people who have disagreements reconcile and money is raised for public benefit works. This custom is called “dolia”.

Pontikates: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August. On the next day; the feast is carried out next day in the village’s amphitheatrical choir.

Pogoniani: 20 May and celebration of Zoodohos Pigi.

Stavroskiadi: 16 July, celebration of St. Paraskevi

Stratinista: Dormition of the Virgin Mary, 15 August.

Oreokastro: Birth of the Virgin Mary, 8 September