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Dramesion Monastery
Northwest of Dramesina, near the village, on a wooded slope, a worn wall of 1871 (inscription) encloses the old Birth of the Virgin monastery. Its cells and school are in ruins, by contrast with the basilica of its area of the congregation, built in 1664, which was repaired by the archeological service of Ipiros in 1967 and is in a good condition. The scheltered verandah the space before the gallery and the bellfry were built in 1874. The hagiographies of the Pulpit, the main church and the eastern side of the narthex were painted by the painter Apostolis of Metsovo and are bear the dates 15 September 1718 and 9 May 1719. The frescoes of the remaining narthex bear the signature of Papa Moskos and the date of 1683, which we find again in the woodcut iconostasis. The monument has been designated a listed building.
*architecture, monastery, church, hagiography, listed building
John the Baptist Church of Kostaniani
The John the Baptist church is a listed monument

The external view of the Church

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