A small plateau, (the highest mountains is Xirovouni with an altitude of 1225 metres) with exceptionally beautiful landscapes. The changes of colours at springtime and in the autumn are unique. The fragrant laurel forests in Kostitsi (at the Korovesi location) and in Elliniko stand apart. Hundreds of plants and animals, a number of them rare or threatened. Countless locations of exceptional beauty or environmental significance.
Torrents flow through deep and steep gullies into to Arahthos. There are spectacular waterfalls such as that of Klifki.
Linked to important events of history, from the foundation of the Touka monastery in the 12th century to the battle at Pente Pigadia, the liberation war of 1912-12, the Second World War and later events.
The word Katsanos was once a synonim of tradesman. Worthy merchants, they thrived in foreign parts and did good deeds in their area and in the wider region. Ioannis Loulis from Aetorahi and Konstantinos Katsaris from Kalentzi are bright examples. The area is also known for the local “school” of hagiographers of the 18th and 19th centuries, who worked with sparse means, maintained traditions and painted with freshness in colours and motives.

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