Arahthos Ravine:
Vertical rocks (700-800 metres high), sometimes bare, sometimes wooded, narrow passes (six metres width), Arahthos river which flows, hurriedly, with chrystal clear water, imposing birds, hurried and charming, lazy otters and defiant trout, waterfalls, small beaches. A 20 kilometre trip. A wonder of nature between two human wonders: Politsa bridge and Plaka bridge. People who like the night travel through the ravine by boat at full moon.
*natural landscape of special beauty


Aetorahi: Aetorahes at 810 metres. The central square at Lazaina 800m. Aghios Nicholaos or Kastrilaki at 915 m. with a view of Arahthos river.
Elliniko: Tsouka Monastery at 930 m. with a view of Arahthos. Megales Pades or Rahes, with a view of Ioannina. Donatos, with a view of the Ioannina plateau and Tzoumerka.
Kalentzi: Kastri, with a view of Arahthos river and the road leading to Plaka bridge. Milies, with a view of the whole village and the plain.
Korytiani: Alonia at 900 metres and a view of Xirovouni and Tzoumerka.
Monolithi: Goura at 1350m and a view of Tzoumerka. Agnataki, with a view of Arahthos river up to “Skoupa.” Orsides, with a panoramic view of Arahthos river and Houliarades.
Pigadia: Skala, at 800 m and a view of Katzanohoria and Tzoumerka.
Plaisia: Profitis Ilias, 700 m..
Platanousa: Agriobestra, at 1200 m, with a view of Arahthos river and Tzoumerka and the Ambracian Gulf when there is good visibility.
Fortosi: The locations Koukouli (750m), Profitis Ilias at Kostisi (950m), Aliziora, and Kostitsi offer an exceptional view of the Arahthos ravine.

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