Scattered on the plain of Ioannina, and on the surrounding mountains, (Gardiki, Kastritsa, Bizani), Kambohoria are interesting for environmental (Paviotida Lake, Perama Cave), archeological (Kastritsa, Gardiki), and historical (Bizani) reasons. There are countless elevated locations with a great view. Active monasteries open their gates to pilgrimage tourists and locals seeking peace and quiet for reflection. The stamp of development is also apparent, with marmor quaries, an industrial zone (Rodotopi), poultry farms (Pindos, Nitsiakos), milk products factories (Dodoni), and many super markets. Two giants, of knowledge, namely the University of Ioannina, and health, the University Hospital, which competes with the old Hadjicostas Hospital. You travel through natural scenery, despite the development of the area. The centre of all that is the lake. It is visible from almost all surrounding mountains. Every time you see it presents a different view. A mirror which reflects the whole basin.

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