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Zitsa’s Vinicultural Zone

It lies on the boundaries of the municipal districts of Zitsa-Karitsa, covering the eastern and northern sides of the hill Profitis Ilias and extends north of Zitsa following the Ligopsas-Mazaraki road up to Protopapas. The vinicultural activity supports the economy of the municipal district of Zitsa.

*economy, viniculture

Wine industry

The white debina assortment flourishes in the infertile soil of the area which is ideal for the production of quality wines, under special climatic conditions. The traditional processing of debina produces sparkling, semi-sparkling and semi-dry wines. Three wineries operate in Zitsa; they are, by chronological order of establishment: Agricultural Association Winery, “Monastiri Zitsas” S.Α., “Ktimata Zitsas” Ltd.

* wines, debina, economy

The cellar of the Glinavos winery
A view of the vineyard at the Glinavos winery
Landscape in Zitsa
Glinavos winery

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