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The Bridge of Nonulo

On the road that passes through Pogoniani and Dolo, on the way to the beginning of the Kouvaras valley next to the watermill, visitors encounter the bridge of Nonulo, which is built on the neighboring rocks and is equipped with a protective bridge rail.
The bridge took its name from a woman named Nonulo who sold wood to Pogoniani and each time she crossed the river, she wished there was a bridge.

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The Bridge of Gretsi

At a short distance outside Paleopirgos, Gormos cuts through a flat rock, forming a very narrow opening. The bridge that was built there in the beginning of the 19th century, with its arches and grey and white stones on the bridge rail, looks as if it has always been here.

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Under the village Oreokastro, Katogefiro with its two uneven arcades, ensures the access of farmers to their land. It was built in 1889.

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A bridge in Dolo
A bridge in Lavdani
A bridge in Paleopirgos

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