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Culture Traditional forms of Art - Professions Wood sculpture Epirus Gorgopotamos
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Wood sculpture
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Representative works
Wood sculpture of Metsovo
Wood sculpture of Gorgopotamos

The development of trade in relation to the influence on their art

With the passage of time and the movement of populations, as well as the development of trade, the cultural exchanges also became inevitable, especially with the West, without however losing the local traditional flavour.

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The guilds

The guilds or the associations developed in the area of present day Greece mainly during the Turkish occupation. From the 16th century onwards the wood sculpture art also developed specifically in the Epirus area.

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Geographic map of Ioannina Prefecture with the works of Metsovo and Tournovo wood sculptors

Geographic map of Ioannina Prefecture with the works of Metsovo and Tournovo wood sculptors

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The art of wood sculpture at Metsovo

Since Byzantine times there have survived noteworthy samples from the art of wood sculpture that was exercised mainly by folk artisans, the wood sculptors. Exquisite ecclesiastical wood sculptured works have survived to the present day, these are the compositions of a civilisation that is expressed mainly from inside the ecclesiastical area. Regions that realised an exceptional development and range in the art of wood sculpture through the broader Balkans area, and even further, were Metsovo and Gorgopotamos (formerly Tournovo).

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Generally in relation to the wood sculptors from Metsovo, Gorgopotamos and the surrounding areas

We can state with certainty that Metsovo, Tournovo, Pogoniane, Pramanda, Chionades and Moschopolis, were centres in wood sculpture from a very early time. This has also been confirmed by the fact that we have already encountered wood sculptured works in these regions from the 16th century.

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