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Culture Traditional forms of Art - Professions Wood sculpture Wood sculpture of Gorgopotamos Epirus Gorgopotamos
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Wood sculpture of Metsovo
Wood sculpture of Gorgopotamos
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Wood sculptured works

The wood sculpture at Gorgopotamos

It has been written that, «the blossoming of this art was clearly due to the Epirot craftsmen from Metsovo and Tzoumerka, more specifically however from the Konitsa region and specifically from Tournovo village (Gorgopotamos) as well as from Liskatsi (Asemochori), Vourbiane and Chionades».

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The Tournovo wood sculptors (names of the Tournovo wood sculptors)

The origin of all these wood sculptors at Tournovo has been preserved to this day in a tradition, in accordance with which the Skalistes family were the original wood sculptors at Metsovo. However, Ms. Hatzimichali mentions that they fled here after being persecuted by Ali Pasha.

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The journeys and the works of the Tournovo wood sculptors

As it has been stressed the wood sculptors «…were active in certain regions and worked in accordance with the unwritten rules, which were based upon the common law. The range of activity, e.g. by the tagiadoroi from the villages of Konitsa and of Tzoumerka extended exclusively into Epirus and Albania; whilst the Metsovo and Samarinio the tagiadoroi went down to Thessaly

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