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Culture Traditional forms of Art - Professions Hagiography - Painting Kapesovo hagiographers Epirus Kapesovo
Hagiography - painting of Chionades
Hagiography - painting of Kapesovo
Chionades hagiographers
Kapesovo hagiographers
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The origins of their art

Kapesovo is one of the most famous villages at Zagorion, which was predominantly organised in the 16th century and recognised a huge development in the 18th and at the beginning of the 19th century.

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The names of the hagiographers

On the basis of research, the names of the Kapesovo artists that have survived in inscriptions have commenced from one family, that of Ioannis Kaloudis who painted hagiographical works from 1728 until 1841.

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Their journeys

The journeys by the Kapesovo hagiographers, in accordance with investigation to date, were not very long, as for example those by the Chionades hagiographers.

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The period of their rise and decline

The great period of the rise of the Kapesovo hagiographers endured for over 100 years and commenced with the church of Aghioi Menas, Victor and Vicentios in 1728, where the hagiography was carried out by Konstantinos priest and his brothers Anastasios and Nikolaos in the Siatista region.

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