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Woven articles of household use

Velentzes: a heavy bed cover and bedding, a thick woven material with the technique of pouilli di moultou on its decorated surface. It was required to undergo the water treatment. During its weaving the strings of the woof protrude creating a....

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Decoration of woven articles - symbolisms

It is impossible for one to attempt to describe all the decorative themes encountered in traditional woven articles. Everything that was woven had its meaning and its symbolism. Particularly when pertaining to woven articles that were landmarks of important moments in the lives of people. All decorative themes have a symbolic meaning e.g. the apron given by the mother in law to the bride,....

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Local workshops, groups of craftsmen

The craft of weaving was, as referenced above, exclusively the work of women at home. Every woman of the family learned this craft in order to be able to satisfy the needs of her family. Unmarried young women had to weave their dowries that were comprised of....

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Distribution manner of woven articles

The agrarian population enters the market and promotes its products to the greater market. The processing of wool into yarn or fabric and its provision to the market ceased. The commercialization of the products resulted in changes to the traditional techniques of weaving wool. The phenomenon of immigration and the large demographic upset of the highland people contributed to the growth of trade.

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Relationship of weaving to similar types of crafts

The craft of weaving is connected with many other types of human activity. First of all it is connected with animal breeding and generally with all cultivations from which raw materials are derived (silk cultivation, cotton cultivation etc.).

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The craft of weaving in the past and the present

The woven article is a link that connects tradition to the present. It is a carrier of ideas and techniques passed from one generation to the next and from one era to the next. At the same time though, as a folk art, it is an expression of the spirit of the simple people who were the creators.

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